Available in a Range of Styles to Suit Any Occasion

As market leaders of this product, our box pleated rosettes are a must for every event.
Beautifully made and finished, these rosettes are definitely something you would be proud to receive.
For that extra special recognition, choose from the list below

Rosette Collection

Jackpot: A four ring rosette with a 70mm centre.  The “show off” of our range. 4 x Tails, 25mm pleating

Lapel Rosette: A  one Ring rosette with a 70mm centre, 1 x 50mm wide printed tail, 50mm pleating

Trifecta: A 3 ring rosette with a 70mm centre, 3 x tails, 25mm pleating

Double Standard: A two ring rosette with a 70mm centre, 3 x tails, 25mm pleating

Double Mini: A small two ring rosette with a 50mm centre, 2 x tails, 25mm pleating

Super Mini: A small one ring rosette with a 70mm centre, 1 x 40mm  tail, 25mm pleating

Mini: A small one ring rosette with a 50mm centre, 2 x tails, 25mm pleating.Our most popular choice

Mini Minor: The baby of the family.  A one ring rosette with a 50mm centre, 1 x 40mm tail, 25mm pleating

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Custom Made To Fit Your Needs

No job is too big or too small for us and all work is carried out on site, at our Christchurch based factory. Our cutting edge art & design system, ensures we have the capability to reproduce whatever graphics and customised design criteria you require. Our production environment includes screen printing, hot-foil printing, digital printing, pleating and sewing. We control the manufacturing process from start to finish, so you can be assured of the highest quality product that is delivered on time.

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